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The print platform appears to be made of Acrylic plastic. If it is Acrylic, the melting point of this type of plastic is lower than typical operating temperature of the extruder. This could be a very serious reliability issue for the user, esp:ecially if he performs machine leveling with the extruder preheated.
There is cooling fan in our 3d printer, and machine leveling and extrude preheated are two seperated instructions, not work at the same time, and our 3d printer have passed different lab testing like FCC, CE, and some chinese authority testing lab, no need to worry about the safety.

My print platform came with plain color masking tape installed. After printing a sample object, bonding to the tape was so strong it was almost impossible to remove. I had to remove the print platform and hit the object on the side with a small hammer! I have since switched to “blue masking tape” with much better results. Your accessory kit includes plain, not blue masking tape. Which do you recommend?
Yes, when temperature is cold, blue masking tape is better. We use plain color masking tape is considering the printing quality, because in Summer, if use the blue masking tape, the printing object may be edge warp.

Cura (version 1.3.1) for Mac is very, very buggy and impossible to use. There are many problems. When loading, it tells the operator “A newer version of Cura exists” do you want to load? (I think it’s a big mistake if you select yes). When using Cura, the program gets stuck and does not allow selection of expert mode. Also, you cannot select Support type or Adhesion type. These are a few of the many problems. I find it impossible to use. Is there a new version of Cura.Weedo for Mac?
Pls use Cura 1.3.1 version in SD card, the program gets stuck maybe caused by shortage of computer memories, pls try to reload the cura system.
It does not allow expert mode, but you can make all the setting in advanced setting.And in cura you can select support type or adhesion type in advance setting.

I cannot get Replicator-G (Weedo V44) for Mac to connect through the USB port. I have loaded the USB driver. The Replicator - G does not find the port and there is no connection ports shown in the serial port list.
Do you install Python first? it is a must program for replicator G, and we test in our own mac, it works normal, pls try again.

I reset my Weedo M2 to factory default and now the language is in Chinese. Can you tell me how to navigate to get it to english?
Please check this video to for switching language.

I just received this order and there was no instruction manual included. Would Amazon send me the manual or tell me where I can get it.
Sorry for inconvenience,you can find the instruction manual in the SD card,here I sent it to you again in attachment,please check it.
If need any other support during your printing,please feel free to let us know.

Is there a way to change settings so at the bottom of the prints there is no raft ?
From this picture you can know how to do.Platform adhesion type choose none that model will have no raft on bottom.

I recently purchased your R2 model 3D printer and was wondering what type of lubricant to use on it. The manual says to use the silicon lube supplied but none was supplied in packaging and there are a number of different types of silicon lube. Please let me know which kind you recommend
General z axis does not need lubrication,ordinary silicon lube can use

Can the printer head nozzle change to 0.3 or 0.2?
The nozzle diameter is 0.4mm,but the resolution is adjustable from 0.1-0.5mm,we don't suggst you change other size.

I have an issue when I go to set up the cura and pick a machine there is no option for to pick weedo M2 when I pic a different machine the time measurements are off which one do I pick if weedo M2 isn't there
Please find the update Cura from below link:
Open the cura and add new printer choose M2

I just got the M2 and I cannot get it to work. It prints the test files fine, but when I save a model to gcode and it gives the SAVE TO X3G file and I click on it, it does nothing.
please try to printer this model,If the model have no problem,
Please find the Cura from below link:

I just purchased my weedo printer and it has stopped accepting the filament. I have tried to clean it but that has not worked. Do you have any suggestions
We sent the video for you,please try to clean the nozzle again.
By the way you can see the VIDEO 2 ,It's the best way to use filament.

I recently had my Weedo M2 printing something and it started cooling and stopped printing. I bought a new extruder and it still isn’t working. Seems like the wiring up to the extruder isn’t properly connecting anymore for some reason. Please see attachments for N/A heat reading and Extruder Failure message. Please help
First please try to replug the nozzle ,If can't success help you stolve the question can you provide your adress that we can send the nozzle heat wire for you.
The below link can help you change the line.

I have one of the Weedo M2 3d printers and the filament is stuck in the nozzle. I cannot pull it out or push it in even if I try to load or unload it. How can I fix this problem
This below link from youbube can help you.

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