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Introduction to Wiibuilder

Wiibuilder slicing software is a high-level software for 3D printers that can slice and generate files for offline printing and online printing. Edit 3D models and manage 3D printers. Wiibuilder uses a dual-slice engine with a dual user interface. Specifically, you can consult WEEDO 3D printer after-sales customer service:

Wiibuilder update log


1.Add ME40Pro

Download Here:


1.Baud rate selection when adding the serial connection of each model

2.Fix the error that serial port and WIFI fail to transfer files to SD card due to filename

3. Add the HS25 (Mix-color)

4. Restore some Wiiboox models

5.Fix the display error of directly reading g-code

Download Here:


1. Update L40S(Made In 2019.12.10) slice algorithm and configuration file;

2. Adapt to Sparkone box, can send files and video surveillance;

3. Several other modifications.

Download Here:

Wiibuilder2.0.6.0 (2019.9.20)

1. Slice parameter related modification:

(1) The cooling fan of the printing pad is also closed when the cooling fan is turned off;

(2) f150s tian2 start code removes G92 setting coordinates;

(3) The airborne model is modified back to “all”

2.Copy model mode modification

3.Increase wifi distribution network offline file generation

4. Firmware online detection upgrade, while adding manual local upgrade function

5. Gcode file header adds new wire dosage, wire type, nozzle temperature, platform temperature, filling rate

6.Some other modifications

Download here:

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